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Welcome to Inland Chinese Association

According to the recent census data, there are about 30,000 Chinese residing in Inland Empire. Of course, the actual numbers are probably higher because of the continuing population shift toward the Inland Empire. Although we are still a minority, together we had made long strides in contributing to the economic, educational, and cultural achievements of our region. To become even more successful in the future, we would like to present the following challenges to our members:

1. Give thanks to our Homeland – For years, we have left our homeland to come to America to establish ourselves. It is because of the nurturing and the longing of our homeland, we are successful today.

2. Give back to the Community – With our years of dedication at businesses and education, we have to appreciate the Community for giving us a stable environment, allowing us to accelerate in our businesses, raise our next generations. We must give back to the Community in anyway we can.

3. Mutual understandings – America is a cauldron of different people from places all over the World. There are bound to have some misunderstandings. We must learn mutual understandings.

4. Support one and another – Help one and another by creating opportunities for our next generations to integrate more into the main stream society.

5. Carry on the Tradition - We must preserve our Chinese tradition, and teach it to our next generation, so that it may never be forgotten.

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